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Informations: Schönwald, Black Forest
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Schönwald, History:
Around 750 years ago Schönwald was populated. The stunning beauty of its forests was certainly in the naming sponsor. First the mighty Black Forest farm houses dominated the high located valleys, the famous stone's throw away from each other. Only later the village grew around the church, as it is today.

Schönwald today:
Schönwald now is a well-maintained resort in which more than 100 years, everything revolves around the guest. There is a traditional hospitality, a varied program of events and many facilities for spa, sports, fun, games and entertainment. Nevertheless, there is no "hype" because inhabitants of the the Black Forest do not appreciate that. Schönwald until now has its own character. The time has not stood still. In recent years Schönwald offers a lot for the younger generation. 1986, 1998, 2003 and 2006 Schönwald received awards for a particularly family-friendly village "Ganzjahresferienort".

Schönwald, a "climatic health resort":
Rest and relaxation, even at short dwell time: Schönwald's healthy climate in conjunction with the various spa facilities are ideal for a relaxing spa vacation.
For the special beauty on this sunny plateau (3,000 feet above sea level) and its lovely mild and healthy climate in the summer Schönwald got the climatic health resort of premium-class awards. This healthy climate in conjunction with the various spa facilities are ideal for a relaxing spa vacation. In winter, the guests find here still lots of snow - in spite of climate change. Beautiful residential areas, tradition and environmental awareness in the population make the place particularly worth living.

Schönwald, Events : ... more (in German)

Schönwald, birthplace of the cuckoo clock. A man may Schönwald not go unmentioned: the clockmaker Franz Ketterer 250 years ago in Schönwald has built the first cuckoo clock here. That is one reason why the (approximately 300 km long) German clocks road through Schönwald.

German Museum of Clocks Furtwangen, clocks' manufacture , historical carrier of clocks

Sport: Schönwald, located in beautiful nature offers a lot; endless forests, landscape, culture and sports in abundance. It is a paradise for
Biking: family tour, pleasure trip, nature, steers tour Tortour ... more
Swimming: solar-heated outdoor pool, community iIndoor pool
Cross country:
Skiing and snowboarding:
Miniature golfing:
Pony rides: Reinertonishof with restaurant, own farmer products, ... more

Nature Adventure at the waterfalls: There is to discover: A spider web, a treehouse, a cult place, a sea cliff, and so on ... The center is a natural stage with space for up to 300 people. New: nightly illumination up to 22 clock! (free with the "Konus-Gästekarte")

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*) KONUS-Plus: for the tourist tax you get the "Konus Karte " with many free offers: busses, trains, ski lifts, museums, indoor- + outdoor pools ...., more